Katherine Ye (b. 1994) is a software designer based in Pittsburgh, USA. They work on making computing more expressive and equitable.

As a PhD candidate in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, Ye designs novel interfaces for creative/collaborative work (e.g. making diagrams, making searches, writing, and drawing). They have had research internships at Microsoft Research and MIT CSAIL, as well as engineering internships at Google Brain (at the Distill journal) and Facebook. Their research has been recognized with honors such as a Microsoft Research PhD Fellowship, funded by the National Science Foundation, and accepted to top venues such as SIGGRAPH.

Ye also maintains an independent art practice that blends computing, social justice, and facilitation. As part of this practice, they are a Research Fellow at the Center for Arts, Design + Social Research, member of the coveillance collective, and past resident of the Decelerator. They have collaborated with the ACLU of Washington on developing a counter-surveillance advocacy toolkit for marginalized communities, and co-edited a volume of essays on recentering computing to focus on voices from the Global South (in partnership with the University of São Paulo).

Ye's work has been featured in the New York Times, Wired, Nature, and VICE Motherboard. They received a BA in computer science from Princeton University in 2016.