research on designing languages, visualizations, and interfaces

co-organizing Afetando Tecnologias, Maquinando Inteligências (Affecting Technologies, Machining Intelligences), a research gathering at University of São Paulo in February
(with Gabriel Pereira, Bruno Moreschi, and Dalida María Benfield)

co-facilitating a workshop at the CtrlZ.AI zine fair in Barcelona in January

rich text (mailing list)
most recent writing: We Gotta Talk About Jeffrey


co-organized Archipelago: Map(s) of the Moving World, a research gathering at Aalto University in Helsinki
(with Gabriel Pereira and Dalida María Benfield)

part of speech
an interface for conversational writing (with J. Juang)

physical artifacts of virtual processes at the New York Tech Zine Fair (with Angela Zhou)
a (de)augmented drawing interface

a novel for National Novel Generation Month

a zine series (with Angela Zhou and Raymond Zhong)

the antidisciplinarathon
an experimental event co-organized with folks at Topos

notes on notation and thought
a syllabus of powerful notations